Bank Holiday Weekend!

Saturday, September 01, 2012

We took Alice to the seaside last weekend, which was so much fun! I love watching her face as she see's new things. It was actually the first time we have taken her out properly for the day since she has been eating food. And now that she has dropped her lunch time bottle, it proved a whole lot easier! No more worrying about sterilised bottles and what not. I could simply open a nice new jar of food and she was happy as anything!

I love the seaside, it's great to get out in the fresh air, and so much easier than I anticipated. I think as long as you are prepared, and you make sure your car isn't going to break down somewhere (you can always visit National.co.uk to make sure!) it will go fine! I must admit, I did hope that the sea air would make Alice sleep longer at night. But that wasn't the case at all (wishful thinking ah?). But she did love it, and was far more alert and interested than when we took her at 3 months old. It has made me really excited for the future! I can't wait until she can build little sandcastles and paddle in the sea!!!



  1. Sounds like you had a lovely day! Must be nice to get away to the seaside! Xo

  2. Hi Emma and Alice! Firstly can I say that I've been reading your blog for a few weeks now and i love it!
    Great job :)
    love the photos! glad you had a good time :)
    Rosie xo

  3. Awww looks like you guys had a fun day out =D x


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