Dear Alice- Week 28

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Dear Alice,

We had a rough few nights over the weekend. You kept waking up and refusing to go back to sleep, which just isn't like you. I think it might be teething pain, though I can't actually be sure. If I'm honest, you didn't seem in that much pain because every time I picked you up you would fall to sleep in my arms, and when I put you back down you would scream! One night you woke up at 10pm and wouldn't go back to sleep until 1am, which made mummy very tired... But you are much better now. In fact, last night you went to sleep at 7pm and I didn't hear from you again until 6am! (Though I did go and check on you at 3am because I was worried... You were sound asleep cuddling peter rabbit).

Food is going good. This picture is from when daddy fed you at the weekend! Haha! I have ordered you a high chair from mothercare and am thinking of moving you onto stage 2 food (food with lumps). My home made baby food had a thicker texture to it and you are quite used to it now, so I think it may be time to move you on! I would hope that you would be into finger food by the end of the month, but I have to admit I am a little nervous about it in case you choke...!

Anyway. It is nap time now and you have definitely remembered because you are yelling at me and stamping your feet. You know what... I think I may join you for this one!



  1. Hehe messy Daddy. Thomas slept from 7pm until 8am the other day the longest he ever slept I had to check on him too because it was strange he normally wakes about 4:30. Then I was awake from 6am and couldn't get back sleep because I kept expecting him to wake up hehe x

  2. That picture is hilarious! Thanks for following my blog. I am already following you back from last week's blog hop!

  3. Hi Emma, your blog is so lovely and Alice is the cutest little thing! Stopping by from Berice Baby and also from the GFC Blog Hop. I'm your newest follower. xx

    Here is my new blog: http://www.littlelovesblog.co.uk or my other family blog which is http://www.lovefrommummy.co.uk

  4. Haha that picture is so sweet :) Enjoy your nap!
    Daniella x


  5. Hehe, love the messy food! If it's not messy it's not fun (at least, that's what I say to Gary lol) xo

  6. awww bless so cute! found you on blogparty and now following :) xxxx

  7. oh bless! look at the mess, so cute! i remember all too well the finger food stage, just remember their gag reflex is much stronger than ours which means they are likely to sound like they are choking when in actual fact they arent. I remember FREAKING OUT and panicking, but they soon learn. Good luck xxx

  8. She's the cutest little thing! I'm a new follower from the follwers to friends blog party :)

  9. She's so cute!!!! Thanks for dropping by earlier, by the way... following you back now! :)

  10. You have a lovely little girl! Thank you for stopping over at my blog...I'm now your newest follower!


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