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Saturday, September 15, 2012

If I could start weaning again, I would definitely have given Alice more 'real' food. Unfortunately, I was a little confused about the whole introducing food thing, and ended up buying jars and packets so I knew that everything she was eating was ok. Anyway, I am in the process of switching Alice over to 'real' food and it's going pretty good, but a little slow. It took her 3 days to get to like my chicken hotpot!

Anyway. I bought a lot of Ella's kitchen products because they are simply to use and store again and you can use them on the go quite easily, just put the lid back on and use it again later. They are, of course, organic and there is nothing in it other than what is supposed to be! They come in great flavours and different stages so you can move baby on to chewing when she is ready.

I am in the process of moving Alice onto stage 2 foods or foods with lumps. To be honest, I should have done it a while ago but I have simply been too nervous. So I bought a few Ella's kitchen stage 2 food to see how big the lumps are supposed to be and tried Alice with the spaghetti. And... she loved it! In fact, she ate it with complete ease and the lumps didn't even bother her!

Now I need to start introducing some finger foods... :S



  1. You take such gorgeous photos.. and I love the way you write :) i don't have a baby and still found this interesting lol x

  2. I love Ellas kitchen products. That porridge I til you about is quite good by the way, I tried it with Aiden this morning :) xo

  3. I love Ellas Kitchen too. I need to start making my own food but just cant find the time haha! x

  4. My daughter loves Ellas Kitchen! Have you tried those snack bars or cookies yet? Oh man my girl looooooooves those! Teagan (my daughter) is having a hard time graduating to adult food too. The other day I tried giving her a peanut butter sandwich, with some cut up veggies & fruit, cheese & crackers... she spit it all out and threw it. And only ate the cheese, crackers & fruit. I pulled out a baby jar of food, heated it up and she ate it! 15 months and she still wants me to feed her. This is an awesome post!!!!

  5. We loved Ellas Kitchen when my little guy was younger! They have such yummy flavors!!

    Thanks for linking up with us at the CHQ Blog Hop this week! We hope you've found some new bloggy friends and gained a few followers!

  6. I love these little organic pouches. We use a different brand, but still organic. So easy for on the go!!


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