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Monday, September 10, 2012

Dress: Dahlia 
Socks: Topshop
Hat: Topshop

I ordered this dress in the Asos sale. I love Dahlia dresses, they are so lovely! But quite pricey, so when I saw this one in the sale I had to grab it! It's really soft and fits perfectly. I love the peter pan collar as it's very 'me'! I am beginning to feel more comfortable with my style nowadays. When I first started this blog I wasn't sure what my style was, or if I even had any. So I just followed the trends and fashion and wore whatever was popular. Now I realise that fashion and personal style are very different and that it takes a while to know what your personal style is.

Someone please help me with Alice. She used to be the most perfect little sleeper. BUT. The past 2 days she has just screamed at bedtime. Last night she screamed from 7pm till midnight. She would only stop if I picked her up and scream once I put her down. I tried everything. Rocking her to sleep, leaving her to cry for a bit, milk, water, nappy, room temperature, putting her into bed with me. Nothing worked. It's not teething because calpol does nothing and she stops crying when I hold her. Has anyone else gone through this? Or have any idea what it could be?? I am desperate!



  1. I love ur dress and I am so sorry for the poor baby. Did you get her stomach checked? Sometimes colic pains don't let children sleep.

  2. I love the dress with the socks. Hope Alice and her sleeping gets better
    Daniella x


  3. aww thankyou! i love your blog & youtube too! x

  4. This outfit is so pretty on you! I can't do hats - for some reason they never look good on me, but you look great! Love Asos!

  5. I'm following you back now! thanks for the follow :) Beautiful outfit!


  6. I used to be a Dahlia girlfriend on their blog and I chose this dress as soon as I saw it on the website. I love it, it's really lovely. You look great in it xxx


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