My Favourite Blogs!

Saturday, September 08, 2012

 Written by the hilarious and honest Charlotte, this blog has been a favourite of mine for what feels like forever! Charlotte is also a new, young mum to baby William who is too blooming cute for words! Her blog makes me laugh, smile, go awwwwwww and generally waste hours of my life!

Rachel's blog is lovely. It's caked in vintage charm and showcases her amazing wardrobe! Rachel is a mummy to 2 year old Neo and what a stylish mummy she is! Her outfits always make me smile and she is definitely NOT afraid of a bit of colour (ok, a lot!). I love her chatty posts which make you feel like an old friend having a nice catch up with a cup of tea!

Celia's blog was one of the first blogs I found! And now I love it all the more because she is pregnant with her second baby and her bump updates are so sweet to read. I love her style and little chats about life. I am very excited to see how she find having two children running about as well!

A Day In The Life Of Calleigh Emma

This is one of my favourite blogs to read. It's simple, cute and written beautifully. Beki is 23 and a new mum to 9 month old Calleigh. Calleigh is adorable! The pictures of her smiling make me go "awwwwww" and the stories about her life are so sweet.

These blogs are the ones I read every day without fail, but I do follow many more. I hope you have a little look at some of these because I know you will love them too!


  1. Celia had her wee boy yesterday! (she posted on instagram, hes adorable !) these are all great blogs, I'll need to check out the last one! Xo

  2. Awh thank you so much, It's so nice to hear you love reading Calleigh's blog :-) xx

  3. Thank you so much for this my lovely. I haven't much spare time to blog at the moment so I feel I don't deserve it! I'm very glad to have you as a bloggy pal. :) And the blog love is mutual. Xxx


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