Dear Alice- Week 31

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Dear Alice,

Please sleep, please sleep, please sleep. You are waking up every night, every half an hour, for an hour at a time. I am exhausted, daddy is exhausted, you are exhausted. It doesn't matter what we try, you don't sleep. You have calpol, we have tried the "crying it out" thingy, you've been in our bed, I've been in your room. You wont sleep!

I need to tell you that no matter how long you keep me awake for and no matter how many times I dream about putting you in the bathroom and jumping on a plane to Hawaii, I love you very much! This motherhood thing is getting harder and harder by the day. Saying that, it is also getting more and more rewarding by the day too!

Firstly, you can say mum! Well, mumumumumumum! Close enough for me sweetie! And the other day, you sat up by yourself! It was the most amazing thing. You went up onto all 4's and wiggled backwards until you were sitting upright. And then you gave me the biggest smile I have ever seen, and I knew that all those long nights were worth it! In fact, it made me think that perhaps you are having a growth spurt and that's why you have been up all night!

Anyway, I do hope you sleep longer at night soon monkey.



  1. She's so pretty! I hope she starts sleeping better soon, you must be exhausted x

  2. Hi Emma! Alice is such a sweet baby! Sorry she's not letting you sleep though. :( Have you tried cutting down her naps to just one long one after lunch? Or let her have her nap late morning and then just put her down earlier in the night? My son wasn't sleeping very well either and that helped him a lot. The transition was kind of rough though... but could be worth it if it helps out in the long run? Hang in there! :)

  3. Oh I don't miss those days at all! I remember being so tired and thinking I just couldn't keep doing this but like my Dad always told me, this too shall pass! Hopefully your little princess will start sleeping better real soon :)

  4. I hope you're right and it is a growth spurt so you get some sleep soon! Well done on your words Alice, you clever little girly! :D xo

  5. Hi there! Oh, boy it wasn't too long ago, just earlier this year as a matter of fact that I was going through the same thing. I have to tell you though that now my little Drew bug sleeps through the night so know that there is light at the end of the tunnel! Hang in there! I'm a new follower from the Mommy Brain Mixer hop! From Jenny @ www.cassandrazcorner.blogspot.com

  6. OH, she is just so cute! I hope she starts sleeping better for you soon.

  7. Totally understand where you are coming from, my little guy was the same way for awhile. Actually until he was one. Then finally sleep!! Great blog! Im a new follower from the blog hop! Hop over to my blog if you have a chance. By the way I love your design!



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