Dear Alice- Week 32

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Dear Alice,

Oh my goodness you are crawling. Still on your belly, but you are really moving across the floor. It's such a joy to watch you explore the world and become more and more curious about... well, everything! You also tend to follow me everywhere as well, which is so funny!

You are now eating toast, cheese, carrots and past pieces. Progress! You are still a big fan of the mash potato and carrot concoction, but will try new things every now and again. You are drinking 3 bottles of milk a day and loving every drop of it! Haha! You can also almost use a beaker now, although you prefer to watch it fall to the floor from your highchair.

Sleeping is better now. I have reduced your day time sleep to two naps instead of three and pushed your morning nap forwards to nearer 9.30. This has really helped and you are  settling down to bed much easier. You still wake a few times, but you're not really any trouble and go back to sleep very quickly, so I am very happy! I never really mind getting up for you in the night, it's just when you wont go back to sleep for over an hour that it becomes harder.

I am reading about lots of mummy bloggers who are returning to work soon. I am very lucky in that I can afford to stay at home with you for a little while longer. I really feel so so lucky for this as I couldn't imagine how it must feel to have to leave your little one so soon :( But I know some mummy's have no choice, and they are a hell of a lot stronger than me!

We also have found a house with a garden for us! Yay! It's not in Kent, we actually found a cheaper one in London believe it or not! We move in at the end of this month and I just can't wait to spend Christmas there, together as a family for the first time! Christmasssssssss! xx


  1. Lovely letter, as always! have fun in your new home xx

  2. Woohoo go Alice! Now the fun really begins ;)
    It SUCKS going back to work, but it makes time with your baba more special, if that was even possible. I'd love to stay at home like yourself though, but purely because I'm lazy ;)
    Congrats on the house again! Good luck with the move xo

  3. OOh that will be great with the house just before Christmas. Alice is growing so much! x

  4. Dear Emma, What a cute post about Alice! I bet you will have a fun Christmas after you have moved. That's my favorite time of year besides my birthday month. I am a new follower from the friends to followers hop. If you like photography, you should check out my blog. www.esthernorinedesigns.blogspot.com

  5. What a lovely picture. She has such pretty eyes.


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