Dear Alice- Week 34

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dear Alice,

I realise that a lot of these updates contact on the negative's of the week! I guess I do use this update as a way of letting off steam and having a good old moan. But the truth is, 90% of the time you are a wonderful, smiling, sweet and happy little baby who is a joy to watch and play with!

This week was much better than last week! You have 4 new teeth coming through (hence the weeks of night waking and screaming!) and love using them too! Finger food has become your favourite food to eat and you love cheese on toast, cucumber, pasta pieces, fish fingers and rice cakes. Oh, and any kind of cake or chocolate, but those are only little treats that nanny likes to give you! haha!

Since you learned to roll over a few weeks back, that was all you wanted to do, all of the time. I wondered when you would learn to do something else! Well, now you can sit up, crawl and pull yourself up standing on everything! It is like everything just happened at once and you are a totally different baby. I'm not sure which one makes me more jumpy. The fact that you can crawl across the room as quick as lightening and be in the kitchen before I even notice, or the fact that you pull yourself up on every hard service we have in this house!

I have to say, before I had you, I never actually appreciated how hard it was going to be to have a baby. How restricting my life would become. And it has hit me pretty hard. Especially night times! I find myself in the day getting so stressed and tired... and stressed. And I hate myself for it, because I feel like I should be happy and calm and thankful to have such a healthy baby all the time. This motherhood think is hard Alice. Though I'm sure you will know that one day yourself... one day FAR in the future!



  1. Climbing up on things is an absolute nightmare! The amount of times I tell aiden 'No!' Is ridiculous! So I can sympathise with the stress! Xo

  2. Such a cute blog! As a single mom I can totally relate to the restriction feeling at times and exhaustion and the stress. I felt bad about it too but it truly is hard work trying to do the best job you can for our precious little ones.

  3. Hi there! I just found you via the Followers to Friends blog hop. You have such a gorgeous baby. Take time out for yourself whenever you can - pamper yourself while she naps. Or have the occasional cocktail. I wrote a book for rookie moms which advises to let it all hang out. It might crack you up anyway www.tinyurl.com/cocktailsatnaptime hang in there xx


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