Feeding the Ducks

Saturday, October 06, 2012

The past week has been hard. Hard hard hard. Alice has been waking up pretty much every half an hour on the dot. All night long. For a week. A WEEK.

So now that I don't get much sleep at night, I am finding the days much harder, especially as it's just me by myself while Dave is at work! I can barely manage to pick her up and I have barely any energy to play with her (peekaboo takes more effort than I realised!). So every day at 1pm I put Alice in her pram and walk. And walk and walk. Round the block, to the local Tesco, to the park, to the post office. It doesn't matter where we go, as long as we are walking. Alice is calm and content, I can just walk and relax knowing she's happy and time just passes so easily! In fact, between every nap and feeding time, you can find us walking!

I hope Alice sleeps soon. I love her like mad, but this is really testing me! 



  1. looks so relaxing and fun!


  2. Poor you! Is it a tooth? Aiden had been waking up between 1am&2an the past week and last night I found the culprit - a tooth was cutting through!
    I love Alice's hat, it's adorable! Xo

  3. Poor mummy! Hope she sleeps better for you soon. lovely photos. Amelia has been like that in the day. She wont nap I have to hold her or take her out for a walk. x

  4. those are sweet photos, love the effect you used on them

  5. Aww she is so cute! I'm sure the fresh air does you both good! Crossing fingers for you and her to sleep :)


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