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Friday, November 23, 2012

Alice's Nursery

I know I already put up a post about Alice's nursery, but this is my updated one! I am always finding new additions to the nursery and coming up with ideas of how to decorate it! I think I am fairly happy with it now, more so than before. I have added a shelf, bought a new cot throw and neatened it up a bit too! If you could see inside the chest of drawers and wardrobe you would see neatly folded and organised clothes, socks and shoes. Alice loves staring at the bunting at bedtime! xx


  1. I’ve always dreamt of making a room like this for my little one and I think I can take some ideas from yours.

  2. So cute :)

    Is it wrong that I kind of wish my room was pink now? It must be lovely to have a girly baby room to decorate, decorating gets so sensible when your'e a 'grown up' haha x

  3. Hi, I found you through the blog hop, The nursery is GORGEOUS! Following. :)

  4. Lovely new additions! Love the book basket xo

  5. Alices nursery is adorable down to a tee. I wish I had such an adorable room when I was her age.

  6. That is such an adorable nursery! I love that it's so adorable and original!

  7. Adorable! Love the little rain boots, too cute!



  8. beautiful!!!

    Delfyn <3

  9. that's really beautiful I love that.


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