Coffee Breaks

Friday, November 16, 2012

Whenever we go out and about, I always need to feed Alice at some point. Coffee shops have become our lifesavers! We are constantly taking our pit stops in various coffee shops around the country.

1. They usually have nice comfy sofas to rest in!
2. The soft lightening sometimes helps Alice to go to sleep if it's nap time.
3. Changing facilities. Always a bonus.
4. Coffee (mummy fuel) for the parentals!
5. Numerous cakes and goodies to snack on before heading on outside.

Coffee shops everywhere... THANK YOU FOR EXISTING!



  1. The coffee shops around my place are not so good and comfortable. Even that I and my friends stick there in the evenings. The pictures you’ve posted are really beautiful and I’d love to see some more places where you go.

  2. It's always handy having somewhere comfy to go to feed them! :) xo

  3. coffee shops have also been my lifesaver during pregnancy--comfy seats, somewhere to rest my waddle, and lots of yummy drinks and cakes.

  4. oh i love a good coffee shop for so many wonderful reasons, comfy baby cuddling being right up there.

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  5. Coffee shops sure do sound like they'll be lifesavers! Naw Alice is so cute! She's growing up to be as pretty as her mama ;)

    Life etc

  6. Coffee shop somewhere sitting, relaxing and delicious drinks and a cake with a lot of my life comfortable with coffee.


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