Dear Alice- Week 37

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dear Alice,

I feel like in the last week and a half you have just grown into a little girl! Where has my little baby gone who used to fall asleep on me and stay snuggled while I cuddled you for hours? Gone, that's for sure! You are a monster, tearing around the room and grabbing everything you shouldn't. You keep pulling yourself up at the telly which gives mummy a heart attack each time! And you just wont sit still for a single second. Not even when you're asleep! I always find you in a completely different position when I check on you at night.

You are sleeping well again, but rising earlier. Like, 5.30am early! I think you just can't wait to come and play with us in our big bed in the mornings, so I don't really mind. It's easier to deal with when you're not screaming at me! In fact, everything you do is made a little less difficult when you are happy, which you are now. I have to say, about a month ago you were a little grump, but that's because you had 6 teeth coming through at the same time! I thought I would never sleep again! But now they have broken through you are so much happier, and smiley and just... a joy to be around!

You have officially moved onto "real food". No more jars (unless we are going out at the weekend!). I never really felt there was anything "wrong" with using jars, which is why I used them for ages. But I just feel you are ready to be eating what we eat, and you seem to agree. Cheese on pasta, mince with tomatoes and veg, fish fingers. You eat it all! It's funny that you just never took to those stage two jars with lumps in, but you love real food that's lumpy. I just gave up trying to move you onto the next jars up and gave you chopped up food and you love it! You also tend to eat less of it because it's so rich.

I love you lots and you are changing every day. I love being with you all day every day and I hope to see you right through till school little one! I can't think of a better job!



  1. I love these updates, Alice is so cute! It does however scare me, I remember reading your blog in the last stages of your pregnancy and you've somehow flown to week 37, where does time go?!x


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