In the rain...

Friday, November 09, 2012

Jumper: Topshop
Coat: Zara
Wellies: Joules 

Just a few pictures of a very wet and rainy day at the park last week! It was one of those days where the weather was miserable, but the family were happy so it was actually a very good park trip! This is going to sound a weird thing to say but, Alice has been particularly happy this week! I think it's because she was teething last week and now it's settled down she can eat more food, sleeps longer at night and play without it causing her grief.

We are looking for a house, but I think we are going to leave it until after Christmas now. Only because we want to be at least settled somewhere for Alice's sake. It's her first Christmas and I really want it to be a good one!

Weaning is going really good now as well. I was a bit strict with Alice about eating "real food" because I couldn't stand her being on baby jars any more! (Costs too much and they stain everything they touch!) So I have been offering her only real food. And after some stubbornness, on both our parts, she is finally eating it! Fish fingers, mince and sweetcorn are firm favourites!

If you want to see Alice's 8 month update I have uploaded it HERE!! 


  1. Your hair looks lovely here :) glad to hear Alice is perking up a bit x

  2. I absolutely love the boots and the babe and the braids and...

    Stopping by to say "hi" AND... we've got the most beautiful team hosting An Aloha Affair this week and I'd so love to have you come grow with us. 'hope to see ya soon...


  3. I love heidi braids! Yours look wonderful. I have joules wellies too, they brighten up rainy days :)

  4. How cute is Alice's snowsuit?! You look fab too! Postponing moving sounds like a good idea - moving can be stressful enough without adding Christmas into the mix!! Xo


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