Alice At Play

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

There is nothing I enjoy more than watching Alice play! I think back to the days where all she did was lye in my arms all day and I can't believe how much it has all changed. Seeing her explore, point at things and carry toys over to me is just amazing. I just can't wait until we can build little forts in the living room and drink lemonade and eat cookies in them all day long! 



  1. It's so interesting watching them play - what they go for, figuring out how to get to certain toys, examining things - could watch for hours! Xo

  2. It's sweet but exhausting right! I swear I walk about 10 miles a day just following her around the flat ;)

  3. She’s really cute and actually looking like my angel in small days and this article and pictures took me back to those sweet memories…


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