Baby Gift Ideas for Christmas

Monday, December 03, 2012

I'm always on the lookout for Christmas gift ideas for Alice. I came across these beauties on the website not on the hightstreet. Wooden toys, spinning wheels, hand knitted teddies. All of these toys are amazing, and so sweet! I'm sure Alice would love banging on that Xylophone! As I play the piano, I would love for Alice to be musical as she grows up. I always felt that I should have pursued music myself, but for some reason gave up on it after A levels. Not that I would ever push anything onto Alice! But I would love to pass that skill down to her.

Don't forget to get your gifts sent out soon so that they reach their destination for Christmas! Parcelforce are a safe bet and have some great rates too!



  1. They are cute but I don’t think that they will like it and I’m thinking of buying something shiny and attractive.


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