Bounty's Tips on Teething

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Ask any mum about teething and more than likely they will go into the sort of rant that I often do about sleepless nights, screaming babies and little red cheeks. It is a nightmare. Alice cut her first tooth at about 4 months and since then we have had the whole teething scenario over and over again as each tooth emerges! 

There are many many products out there for teething and so much advice. Bounty have a fantastic section on teething which I have found really useful with Alice. Their advice includes:

Rubbing your babies gums
Teething Rings (put them in the fridge first!)
Barrier creams around the mouth to stop it from becoming sore with all that dribbling!
Chewing on Apples and Carrots
Extra Cuddles!

Bounty have a brilliant website filled with advice right form pregnancy through to your babies first year of life and into Toddlerhood! I like the simplicity of the sight, their reviews of products and most of all the baby developmental milestones which I often check to see if Alice is anywhere near! (She is!).
Also check out their Competitions, where you can win lots of lovely goodies! 


  1. I do believe in all the time I've followed your blog, this is my first time commenting?! Oops!

    Have you tried Nelson's Teetha? It comes in gel and granule forms, and is completely homoeopathic (sp?). Caelen seems to get more relief from the granules, he swishes them around his mouth with his tongue and it seems to soothe him almost instantly. Could be worth looking into!



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