Christmas in London

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I love seeing the Christmas decorations coming out around my local area! And it always seems to happen at the same time, as if everyone has a secret club where they decide what date to put them all up together! There is nothing better than walking past houses where Christmas tree lights are glittering in the windows or reefs are hanging from the doors. It makes me really excited about OUR HOUSE! We are hopefully (fingers crossed) moving into our new house after the holidays. I am so excited about it, but nervous too.

Since having Alice in February, Dave and I have been living with my parents so that we can save all our money for a house. And finally, we have found one that we love (and can afford...), which is great! But scary. I haven't been properly alone with Alice before. Obviously I have been alone, but there is always someone coming in and out of the house and in the evening, if Dave is working late there is always other people in the house. Now it's just going to be me, and that's a little scary... But i am excited to be a proper family too!

I can't believe we have a HOUSE!!!



  1. Those decorations are lovely! I've been living with my mum too - it'll be strange being alone when Gary's on nightshift, so I know how you feel! Xo

  2. Thanks for posting! It's so cool to see...hey, if I can't be in London, the next best thing is to follow someone that can be :) haha. oh and my husband, daughter and I lived with my parents for 3 months while we had a house built...it's not to bad but you're going to enjoy your OWN home. I can't WAIT to see pictures!!

  3. Congrats on the new house! Very excited to see pictures of it :)

  4. All the decorations seems to be very pretty and I love the door reefs. I think you don’t want to get scared because when you start doing your household work without knowing you the time will run quicker.


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