Dear Alice- Week 41

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Dear Alice,

This week has been much better than the last few. You are no longer ill and so are back to your usual, bubbly self! Eating lots of new and exciting foods (strawberry, melon, blueberry muffin...) and standing up a lot too! Your favourite new hobby is walking while holding onto mummy or daddy for support. You want to walk all day long and if I stop, you wiggle your legs and scream. Tantrums at 9 months... this can't be happening!

We took you to winter wonderland in Hyde park this week and you loved it! It was so much fun for all of us and made me really excited about your first Christmas! I think mummy and daddy have bought you too many toys, so I have tried to think of more interesting things to buy you that you actually need. Bath toys and a huge play mat are on the list!

I love seeing you play and you are so aware of everything now. You point at pictures in your books, you smile at Peppa Pig and jump up and down on your bottom, you move things form one end of the room to the other and you bash toys together! I just love watching all these new things and are excited to see more. I can't wait till the day you can paint me a picture to put on our fridge.



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