Dear Alice- Week 42

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Dear Alice,

You are 9 and a half months old and yesterday you took your first steps! All week you have wanted someone to hold your hands and walk about with you around the house. Then on Monday you started balancing on the spot by yourself, and yesterday... steps! I am one proud mama!! And a little releived seeing as you have two walkers waiting to be opened by you for Christmas... phew!

You are eating everything now! However, your favourite food remains pasta with cheese sauce and potato with baked beans. You have tried this week: apple slices, blueberry, apple juice, strawberries and weetabix and you love them all. The weather has warmed up a little so we are getting out and about in the fresh air more which is always a good thing. We love seeing all the Christmas decorations in our local area too!

I am trying very hard not to be one of those mums who brags about their child sleeping through the night, but you are! Again. You went through a phase of sleeping 12 hours, then you started waking up, bit now it's 7 till about 6.30am! I think it has something to do with the fact that we seem to have the food/milk balance right now. You have 3 bottles of milk a day of 7oz each and 3 small meals as well. Sometimes you have a snack in between lunch and diner because your milk doesn't seem to satisfy you on it's own, but thats only usually a small rice cake of half a rusk!

Alice, you are so big now I can't even remember you as a little baby. If you start walking by January then you will officially be a little toddler in my eyes, and that is one scary thought! I can;t even imagine what it will be like when you can talk! Arghhhhhh!



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