Dear Alice- Week 43

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Dear Alice,

This week it was Christmas! I had been so looking forward to seeing you open your pressies! However, it seemed that you were more interested in the sweets and decorations around the house than in present opening! So mummy and daddy helped you to open them all up. You love your new walker and your ball pool and played with them all day long. You didn't even look at the boxes! Big success I feel!

Christmas diner was fun. You didn't seem bothered that food arrived an hour earlier than usual, which didn't really surprise me! Hehe. However, you did manage to throw it all over me at the table. Thanks Alice! Crackers were a hit with you and you giggled and giggled every time one went off.
You gave mummy the best present you could possibly give and laid in till 7.15am on boxing day! BIG LAY IN! Woop woop! So thank you very much for that! (Alice is usually up between 5 and 6.30!).

Your walking in going really well. The only problem in that you refuse to wear shoes! Anything on your feet, including socks, and you go into melt down. So I will have to come up with a solution for that! We have been buying lots of house things in the sales and popped over to paint a few walls today while nanny looked after you. I can not wait to have our very own family home!

Merry Christmas Alice



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