Dear Alice- Week 44

Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Dear Alice,

The last two weeks have been big ones! Not only have we celebrated your first Christmas, but we also moved into our new house! So lots of disruption to your usual routines. However, you actually coped beautifully. I tried to keep bedtime the same each day, though inevitably it did run a little later on some days. With so many new toys to play with in the day, you are so busy that you tend to sleep better at night, which is nice for us.

I was worried about the move. Worried it would upset you, or disorientate you. But so far, so good. You have slept all through the night for two nights in a row now and you love exploring your new surroundings. There is more space for you here so I can get more toys out and you have more room to roam about with them! Though you absolutely refuse to use your walker and much prefer using mummy or daddy instead!

Talking of walking, you are almost there now. Every day you seem to be a little stronger, a little more balanced and take a few more steps. I can not wait to see you run across the room. So long as you accept the fact that you have to wear shoes! Seriously, I can not get the silly things to stay on your feet as you struggle to get them off all the time!



  1. So glad Alice has settled in well! That's my main worry for when we (eventually) move. Xo


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