Dear Alice- Week 45

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Dear Alice,

We are really getting through these weeks now! Not long until your first birthday. Although... you wont actually have a birthday until you are for because you were born on February 29th. But don't worry, we will make March 1st your temporary birthday for now! Hehe.

You are getting more settled in our new home. You spend a lot of time exploring and seeing what trouble you can get into. We have had a bit of a set back with your sleeping though. You go to bed quite fine, but we are having a lot of 4 or 5am wake ups and you don't go back to sleep either! I'm not sure if you are teething, or it's the new house, or something in the neighbourhood is waking you. I'm sure we will figure it out soon.

You did something pretty amazing yesterday. When daddy said bye and left for work, you waved at him! You have been waving for a while, but not at anything specific, and definitely not back at anyone. So we were pretty thrilled! You also went in the trolley at Asda for the first time and had your very first swing ride at the park this week. Your walking is going so well that we took you to clarks and got your feet measured properly for some shoes so you can walk out and about. It turns out you are a size smaller than you "should" be which is why you kept kicking all your shoes off!

Days are hard if I'm honest. It's so different being properly on my own with you and not having grandad or nanny to play with you in the day. And having to do the washing, cook diner, clean and look after you is proving a lot more work than I had anticipated. But we will get back into a good routine soon! I hope!



  1. Aw I do smile when I read these posts.
    I had no idea Alice was a leap year baby! How cool xx

  2. Ahhh waving! She's so clever! It's so cute when they learn new things! :) I've got aiden snorting when we song 'peeeeepa pig!' Hehe!
    That's what I'm most concerned about when we *finally* move out of mums - aiden is such a sook for his gran! And I think leaving will be a bit of a shock to the system for both of us!
    I hope Alice starts sleeping longer soon! Xo

  3. Such gorgeous big blue eyes! And from all the photos I see, I would love to live in your house!

    Thanks for linking up this week for the Followers to Friends Blog Party!

    Sherry @ I AM PISCES
    Followers to Friends Blog


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