Dear Alice- Week 46

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dear Alice,

It's been awful these past two days! You have literally been up all night long. Literally. On Monday night, you had little red cheeks and were very tearful and I knew you were teething. So I prepared as best I could (Neurofen, Calpol, Teethers...) but you weren't having any of it. You cried pretty much all night long. On Tuesday mummy had a headache. And last night you were up from about 3am! Luckily mummy was clever and went to bed at 8pm so that I wouldn't lose that much sleep! You have to be clever when you're a mummy!

Today you seem a lot better. Play group was cancelled because of the ice warnings everywhere, but we had lots of visitors to keep us company. Nanny and Granddad came, Aunty Nikki came, the people came to fit the internet and phone line. It was a very busy day and you are absolutely exhausted now, so I think I will be putting you to bed for 6pm instead of 7!

You are nearly walking, which is amazing! You took 5 steps on your own yesterday before throwing yourself into the tent! I am very very proud, but I do miss my little cuddly baby who would sleep on me most of the day. I can't believe how quickly you have grown up. I can't even call you my baby anymore now you are taking steps. You are now my little toddler!



  1. SHE IS WALKING?! Ahh! Go Alice!
    Teething is such a bugger - I used abensol on Aiden the other night, calpol'd him an hour later, then had to break open my stash of teething powders! Poor babies! Xo

  2. Alice is absolutley adorable! You're making me broody :-)


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