Dear Alice- Week 47

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Dear Alice,

This week has been about a million times better than the last few! You have started sleeping till nearly 7 again and the night wake ups are becoming less and less. This means that your teething is finally going away again for a little while (it's be back!) and we can all get some rest.

You saw snow for the first time this week! Mummy put you in the garden for a little bit so you could explore it and you were so amazed by it all! I loved seeing your little face light up as you felt the cold snow between your fingers and the squishiness of it as you crawled about. You really are interested in everything nowadays, especially food! You only seem to enjoy food at the moment if you can pick it up and squish it (and throw it....) around the highchair. So mummy is coming up with lots of finger foods for you to try. Flakes of salmon, carrot sticks and grated cheese are your favourites at the moment (and ANY fruit at all. Seriously, she you love your fruit!).

You have been accumulating lots of interesting scrapes and bruises on your legs recently from all of your walking attempts. Unfortunately with this wooden floor, you tend to go bang a lot as you fall to your knees. I need to invest in a big soft rug to soften the blows. You are just fearless! You literally stand up and then throw yourself forwards to walk with no fear at all! Which is great, but means lots of falling and bumping too.

I love watching you grow Alice and can not wait to see you running across the room like a little monkey!



  1. A fearless adventurer! Fantastic! Though a rug sounds like a good idea! Xo

  2. Awww, she looks so cute and her eyes are gorgeous.

  3. I love this little journal and your daughter has a beautiful smile. Living in Trinidad I love seeing the change in seasons as you experience. It is very warm here, so it is somewhat strange to see the snow and your little one bundled up. :)
    I am following you now and would love for you to follow along.

  4. Beautiful photo, beautiful baby, beautiful blog! Your newest follower :)

  5. Your daughter is adorable. BTW- I am a new follower!


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