Dear Alice- Week 48

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dear Alice,

My poor little baby. You have been suffering with TERRIBLE nappy rash this week. I just can't work out why. You don't seem to be teething (I know this because you are still sleeping through the nights!) and I haven't given you any new foods, or bubble bath, or nappies. So I'm afraid all we can do is wait for it to go and smother it in Sudacrem!

This has made you a very grumpy little girl. But in-between the grumps, you have been making fantastic progress with your walking and standing. The other day you stood up on your own without holding onto anything. Mummy shouted so loudly that you feel onto your bottom again in shock! Sorry about that. I just get very excited about it. You are also managing to feed yourself better than ever now! You FINALLY picked up your spoon and tried to figure out how to use it instead of just throw it to the ground. You are good at spooning yoghurt into your mouth (and on your chin, and nose, and cheeks...) but prefer to get stuck in with your hands for everything else. Never mind. You'll get there.

We are no longer confined to the house! Yay! We have definitely been taking advantage of the melted snow and been out and about every day. Shops, parks, library. It's so nice to get some peace and quiet as you are so calm in your buggy. The other day I was pushing you along, and I saw another mummy pushing her twin pushchair. She had one baby in a carrier and one toddler eating a rice cake. I suddenly wondered what on earth it must be like with two!? I seem to spend every second of the day taking care of you, and I just don't see how I could divide my time between two of you... How do these mummy's do it?!



  1. Poor Alice, hope her bot feels better soon! Xo

  2. Oh bless her. I love Metanium for sore bottoms - even if it's yellowness gets everywhere. Some mums also swear by a slick of Vaseline as it's a great barrier. I hope she feels better soon. And yay for getting out of the house - I hate being cooped up! xx

  3. It is very hard believe me...i have two girls under two now and the routines have become a lot harder to stick to since the new one arrived but its a case of getting into a whole new routine again and persevering...somedays i dont get out the house until mid afternoon & i'll have a little cry about it all but my love for the two of them kicks in and its soon all systems go again ;) x


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