More Snowy Pictures...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hope you're not totally sick of snowy pictures yet?! These were taken last weekend when daddy was home! The pictures are a little deceiving as they make it look like we had a day out at the park. in actual fact we were there for about 10 minutes! It was just too cold for Alice to bare any longer. But I just had to get her out and about and show her all the snow. She was fascinated by all the children (and adults) sledging down the hill! I love showing her new things and seeing her little face light up in excitement and interest. And I love snow! It even make the bins outside our front door look pretty!



  1. I really enjoy your updates, Alice is the sweetest thing x

  2. Ahhh, the snow! How beautiful! I'll never get sick of snowy pictures -- it's still hot as heck down here in Florida!

  3. Those are really pretty pictures! You all look so happy! :) And I agree seeing kids experiencing new things and moments is just priceless! I remember when my niece saw snow for the first time, her mouth was wide open from surprise! :D


  4. Lovely pics - we are in high summer here so this makes me feel cool - which is a good thing. Hope you have a lovely week.


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