New Year Feast

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Not much of a feast actually! Mushroom soup, gammon steaks and salad was all we could find in the cupboards (well, all that wasn't pasta!). We have only been moved in for half a week so everything is still everywhere, nothing is fully unpacked and we seriously need to do some food shopping! So our New Years Eve consisted of this lovely feast, some online coffee table searching and watching the good old telly while Alice slept upstairs. By 10.30pm we were both ready for bed, and if it wasn't for the 5 million fireworks which blasted outside our bedroom window, we would have pretty much slept into the new year. (Ah, sleep... what a good way to start a new year! Especially as we didn't sleep in the last one!) But you know what, my New Years Eve was great!

Hope you had a good one too!


  1. I had pasta as my feast on new years eve, and I really enjoyed it! x

  2. So excited for you, setting up home is stressful but so delightful as well, even if the menu choices for the first few weeks are a bit crazy. We had some of our strangest meals when we were moving house. Happy 2013, hope you guys feel properly settled into your new home soon :)

  3. The pictures are great and I hope you all had a good feast. My family has spaghetti with grilled chicken and they all loved it.

  4. A simple feast I guess and also it's good that you guys had a light dinner.


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