Teething Problems

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Oh my goodness, look at those red cheeks! Argh! Teething is tough on those little babies. My wisdom teeth have started coming through and they hurt so much! So I completely feel for poor little Alice and he teething issues. But you know what, teething is bad on us parents sometimes too, right?

I have a confession. At night, when it's 2am and I am exhausted from the day, I am not always quite so eager to be calm and understanding towards Alice. When she wakes up screaming and I slump into her room like one of the cast of the walking dead, the last thing I feel is complete sympathy. I feel... tired. And annoyed I have had to get up. And frustrated when she wont go back to sleep straight away. And then slightly angry when she starts screaming again two seconds after I leave the room. I don't know why I am so non-understanding towards her at night sometimes. It's like I am a different person. I just immediately let myself get overwhelmed and think she is doing it all on purpose. At no point does it cross my mind that she is in actual pain and needs her mummy!

In these situations, I often have Dave come in behind me and take her from me for a few moments so I can calm down a little. Then he gives me a big hug and tells me I'm a great mum and I can do it. The second I calm down, Alice seems to calm down. And then the time just doesn't matter any more and Alice is all I care about. I sometimes think about single mums, and wonder just how they do it. Day in, day out, through teething and tantrums. I mean, wow. But I do need to learn to calm down a little quicker when Alice wakes up at night. And learn to be a little more patient.

Teeth, teeth, teeth. You cause nothing but pain, for all of us. Please come through quickly!



  1. Poor Alice :( and poor you! It must be tough, I'd feel exactly the same way I imagine

    I got my wisdom teeth through a few years ago and I was in agony, I remember thinking 'HOW do babies do this when they have every tooth coming through?' They must be brave little things, despite the crying and the whining lol x

  2. Poor Alice! The twin one year olds that I babysit are having similar issues, not nice! Lucy x


  3. I know how you feel. Wilbo just cut his first tooth and I wanted to cry because the thought of sticking a smile on at work the next day was hell. But then, when I looked down and saw his rosy cheeks dotted with tears as he nuzzled into for a cuddle, I felt SO bad.

    I hope Alice feels better soon - she and Wilbo would make a right pair with those cheeks! xxx

  4. It is hard to be sympathetic at 3am! Don't be so hard on yourself! Xo

  5. Yes mate take it easy and give more time to yourself, because time solves bulk of the matters. Think positive.

  6. Hi, I am your newest follower! Awww, poor Alice - and you! I hope they come through soon, I know how you feel. My oldest is 5 and we are getting ready for them to fall out now to make way for his big teeth!



  7. Girl I am right here with you - Melody is getting her 4 fangs in - ugh! I hate it....when she teeths, she gets lots of mucus - so much that it makes her throw it all up, not want to eat, AND diarrhea - I'm with, teeth teeth come through FAST!

  8. I get frustrated like that with my daughter too. I think it is only natural! Thank goodness for husbands who are ready and able to help us out! :-)

    P.S. Your new home is lovely!

  9. Don't worry about it, give teether munch instead.


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