The Family Room

Friday, January 18, 2013

Rug: Urban Outfitters
 Cushion on Left: Clare Nicolson 
Cushion on Right: Lou Brown Designs (Absolutely LOVE her stuff!)

So called the "Family Room", not because I am rich and posh, but because... well, what else do you call it?! It's not just a living room, it's not just a dining room, it's not just Alice's play room! It's the family room.

I just love the country cottage feel of this room. The lovely windows, beautiful wooden flooring and beams on the ceiling (not shown, but lovely) and the fact that it creaks every time you walk around it! Decorating it was just a dream! I wanted it to be colourful, modern, but stay true to it's cottage roots. So I chose a  blur floral table runner from the country cottage shop, mismatched with a rug from Urban Outfitters. The bright red sofa was crying out for some yellows, orange and green cushions which I found from Clare Nicolson and Lou Brown Designs. I have to say, Lou Brown Designs has some absolutely lovely things which are so unique and pretty!

I had to incorporate Alice's toys into the room somehow. People kept telling me to get a big toy box, but in all honesty am I really going to bother putting them all away for what little time I get to myself in the evenings? Um... no. It's much easier to just put them to one side, so using the last 3 shelves in the bookcase seemed ideal. And I think it really works, adding a huge splash of colour to the room!

I still feel like I could do so much more to this room, but for now I am happy. It is definitely heading in the right direction and I am sure that over time our personality will really shine through here (as well as the various wonderful stains Alice will no doubt create all over the sofa and rug! Hehe!)



  1. This room is so gorgeous!! It looks like something out of an interiors magazine. We have separate rooms and I've always wanted one big room with a mix of purposes.

  2. That is a gorgeous layout and design! You made some great choices! Where did you get Alice's 1,2,3 rug? Xo

  3. Emma it's lovely! So beautiful and so very you. Our house is a shambles at the moment and I can't wait to rip out the old carpets and decorate. I hope it's a happy home for you three...maybe four or more one day! xxx

  4. wow! seriously loving this! So glad you're posting pics! Looks like this place should be in a magazine!

  5. A room becomes best when it looks beautiful and I'm glad that you have the best one.


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