Who's been sleeping in my bed?!

Saturday, January 05, 2013

Since we moved into our new house, Alice's sleeping habits have been... er, interesting. I have of course been expecting the worst (several night wake ups, wanting to sleep with us...) but I have been pleasantly surprised. Thanks to black out blinds AND black out curtains, Alice has been sleeping through the night, every night so far! Wake up times have been around 6.30- 7am, which is a good time for us as that's when Dave gets up for work.

However, we had a set back the other day and Alice woke at 5.15am ready to play. Yes. 5.15! Argh! I did give it a go at getting her back to sleep, but I gave in pretty quick as it was obvious Alice was having none of it! So I put her back to sleep at half 8 and joined her for a morning snooze till about 11. Which was... Brilliant! Haha! I felt like I had laid in till lunch, just like my uni years! Am very tempted to make this a daily thing, but I wont dare mess with Alice's usual pattern as she tends to go completely off routine and becomes very unsettled if I do!



  1. How was it moving with Alice? Glad she's sleeping well! Xo

  2. Obscure but those are lovely windows! <3

  3. I love your duvet set <3 My little one woke up at 5am for three years, I just gave up on ever not being tired!

  4. What beautiful pictures
    :-) I can't wait to take lots & lots of photographs like these of my little girl when she arrives.




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