Winter Reading

Saturday, January 26, 2013

We have pretty much been house bound this week! Our road wasn't gritted at all and after 4 days of snow the pavement is just far too slippery for a buggy. Not only that, it's also so cold! Even if I wrap Alice up in every cardigan and blanket in the house, it's still too cold for her. And me! 

So we have been trying to find lots of activities indoors to do together. Alice is so into books at the moment and it's great! She even has a favourite, the snowman book. She points at the snowmen and babbles on about them for ages before turning the pages herself (sometimes with a little help!). 

There's only so much of this that Alice will take though, before turning back into the absolute terror she has been recently. I know it's because I have been skipping our daily outings, it's amazing what a little fresh air will do for a baby! It has also affected her bedtime a little. I think because she is not getting that burst of sunlight and that fresh air in the day, she just doesn't feel that tired by 6.30. So bedtime has been moved back to 7.30. At first I was a little upset about this, but oh my goodness. She has been sleeping like a trooper! All through the night till 7am the next day. Her naps have improved, though become a little later than they were and everything seems to have fallen into place! So there have been some positives about this house bound business!

The snow does seem to be melting now though, so I expect we will be back to our daily outings and chores soon! I am definitely going to try to get out and about and take some outfit photos for the blog. This blog started as a personal style journey for me and has sort of turned into a personal life journal instead! I have been debating lately about when the right time is to start to fade Alice off of the blog... obviously she is a HUGE part of my life and will feature to some degree. But there comes a point when I need to start considering her privacy a little more. And I must admit, I do feel a little uncomfortable reading blogs which have a million pictures of their 5 year old all over it, as if I shouldn't really be reading it. I think when Alice reaches 2 I will begin to fade her out of the blog and not focus my posts so much on her, but on other things around my life. Who knows, I may have another little rugrat to snap by then... eek! 



  1. That first picture is adorable! It's funny how a slight chane in routine can cause so many other changes! I'm not loving this snow, it's impossible to get aiden to the bus stop, so no adventures for us today! Xo

  2. Love the first picture too :) It so cute that she will sit an read with you.
    I feel the same way about blogs with their kids on it. Of course its okay to have some photos but for the childrens privacy. I think I will start to fade Amelia out of my blog a bit more after she's 1.


  3. These pictures are so, so lovely! Staying in and reading sounds like the perfect kind of day. I also stop and consider my son's role in my blog on occasion, and think there is a balance. I mention him every so often (how could I not?), and very occasionally post a photo, but above all, I respect his privacy (or the privacy he may want one day). He's a bit older and has a say, but I am always aware that his preferences may change in the future. You are such a thoughtful mom.

  4. Adorable photos! I'm sure even with time you will still have cute photos and stories to share- who knows, maybe you can make it a kid fashion blog? :)

    I wanted to invite you to stop by our weekly Meet & Greet Blog Hop! It runs from Friday night through the end of Monday. Come link up if you have some time this weekend :)



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