Dear Alice- 1 Year

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dear Alice,

One whole year. How time has flown! Though technically you don't have a birthday this year as you were born on February 29th. So we'll just say March 1st, ok?

On Friday I will officially have a one year old daughter. It is just insane! I was looking back at your photos from the year and I actually had tears in my eyes. It's true what they say about children growing up quickly. All the milk feeds, the weaning, the sleep training and winding. Over. You are officially on cow's milk, so mummy doesn't need to make up any formula feeds anymore (hooray!). You will eat practically anything I give you, or anything you find lurking on the floor! Including stones, as we found out the other day in the garden (eek!). You sleep like a teenager. Seriously, you laid in till 7.30am this morning you lazy little monkey.

I had a moment the other day when I was in Marks and Spencers looking at the baby clothes, and I realised you now qualify for the 1-3 year old section! I couldn't quite believe it! It did make me a little sad, as well as massively excited about the future of your wardrobe. I don't think it will fully sink in until your birthday party on Saturday, which I am also very excited about. I have probably been planning your birthday for the past 6 months!

As for these posts, I have decided to turn them into a monthly update. I am so glad I did them every week for a whole year, as I have the most incredible on-line diary to look back on and show you one day when you are all grown up. But now we are counting in months.

I think when you turn 2 and we start counting in years, I will actually have an emotional meltdown!

Alice. I love you. Happy birthday for Friday my beautiful little girl.



  1. Wow a whole year!

    Happy birthday Alice for Friday :)

    Kerry x

  2. I thinking a may have told Aiden to stop growing once hen we went to the 1-4 years section in asda when his birthday was approaching. Your online diary will be so good to look at in years to come, I kind of wish I'd done something similar! Xo

  3. Aww happy birthday Alice...true what they say, kids grow up too fast! :) xx

  4. Happy, happy birthday Alice! I always wondered how it worked with leap year birthdays! That's kind of cool (and that's an adorable picture of you two!). I hope she has a great day!

    Haha, my son's (2nd) birthday isn't until June and I'm already frantically planning. These things are just too fun not to! Ha.

  5. Oh. My. Gosh. THOSE BLUE EYES. What a beauty you have there! Such a good idea to write letters to your babies--they will treasure them.

    Harley & Jane


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