Dear Alice- Week 50

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Dear Alice,

This week has been a good one. I knew it would be, we were definitely due one! Last Thursday I was rocking you to sleep, and you just wouldn't go. So I made a decision to never rock you to sleep again. You are nearly a year old and you are big enough to put yourself to sleep. I was expecting screams and tantrums all night, but that wasn't the case at all. You simply chatted to yourself for 10 minutes before falling to sleep. In fact, you have done that every night so far, which is amazing! You have also been sleeping longer and not waking at all between 7.15pm and 6.45am.

With the extra sleep, mummy and daddy are so happy! It was my birthday on Monday so we all went out for a meal over the weekend to a Japanese restaurant. It was so funny to see you throwing food everywhere and screaming the place down! (though not so funny for the other people there I'm sure.)
I am definitely not embarrassed about taking you out to restaurants anymore! I always see other babies making a fuss, so I have decided to join them and add my noisy monkey to the club.

You have started walking... on your knees! Seriously, it's not good Alice. You seem to think you have figured out how to walk and won't even try standing on your feet! What's that all about? In feeding news, you are almost able to feed yourself a decent amount of food with your spoon, and you are drinking your afternoon milk from a beaker!

I still cant believe that in a couple of weeks you will be one years old! Not a baby anymore... :(



  1. Can't whack extra sleep, that stuff is golden! ;) xo

  2. I was so afraid to put A down awake. I would try to nurse him or rock him to sleep and he would literally try to lunge out of my arms to get to the crib. I think they know when they are ready!


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