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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Raspberries, Alice's new favourite!

This week has been great! After going through a phase where Alice would only eat fish fingers or baked beans, she now eats pretty much anything! I have finally tried her with salmon, raisins and spaghetti, which she loves! I literally have NO idea why I waited so long to try these simple things. It's like I treat Alice as a different species sometimes and completely forget she can eat what we eat. Oh, big baby related development news, Alice is officially off the first milk! Woohoo! I have been meaning to move her up for the longest time and now that she is a couple of weeks away from her first birthday, I decided to try the cow's milk. Uncomfortably she hated it. So I bought some Aptimal 1 year plus milk and she loves it! I know, lots of mums may think I'm mad for continuing on some form of formula milk instead of just put her on the cows stuff, but I really don't mind it. She drinks it from a beaker and she only has two beakers a day so it doesn't use much.

I was interviewed by Pregnancy and Birth Magazine yesterday about Alice's birth. Between us, I was a little nervous and completely forgot about everything that happened! So if you do happen to see a copy when it comes out in May, excuse any details which contradict the blog post. I got all the dates and times wrong for the labour!

Here are some more pictures from the week!

Obsessed with Stickygrams!

My birthday day outfit!

Watching Peppa Pig! 

The new blue high chair! I actually LOVE it! 



  1. We're mixing year plus milk with cows to get Aiden used to it gradually - I mean how SWEET does year plus milk smell? It must be such a difference to them! Xo


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