The gallery

Saturday, February 02, 2013

The other week Dave and I dropped Alice off at my mums and went out for a couple of hours alone. It was so strange being out without a buggy, but nice too. We bought coffee, looked round some shops and ended up in an art gallery dreaming of all the pieces we will buy when we are rich and Alice is older!

Isn't it strange how you sometimes yearn for some time away from your baby, but when you have some you want her back?! Everytime I saw someone pushing a buggy around I wished Alice was with us too! But it is definitely important to have time to yourself, and as a couple. Talking alone with Dave about all the things we still want to do in the future made me realise how much we still have in common! There is an "us" beyond all the night wake ups, bottle making and nappy changes. We can still have dreams and goals and work towards them together.

A couple who dreams together, stays together!



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