These are Tough Times...

Tuesday, February 05, 2013

This parenting thingy can be REALLY hard sometimes! Alice has been teething AGAIN and waking at 4.30am every morning, unable to go back to sleep. This means that I have been up at 4.30am every morning. Let me tell you something, 4am is NOT morning. I remember the days where I would go out and end up falling into bed at 4am. Now I'm getting up at that time! It's crazy.

Some days have been so hard I could literally cry all day long. Alice has been tired and grizzly, so have I. I ran out of food for her the other day and went into a mini meltdown before making her cheese sandwich's instead. She loved them. She was fine. But I just felt like a total failure as a mum. Who runs out of food for their baby? Seriously?

Another brilliant moment was when I left the bath running and it began to overflow. Why did I do that?! And then, to top it off when I emptied it I realised all I had filled it with was cold water! So I had to start all over again, by which time Alice was rubbing her eyes and yawning like a trooper... this sleep deprivation is not fun at all. I am a living, walking zombie. I have barely eaten, barely sat down for more than 2 minutes and barely slept.

The good thing about this blog is that I don't tend to document these really tough times. And if I do, I always include some happy, feel good pictures. This blog is my escape. My little window into a happy place where Alice is the perfect baby and I am always happy and wearing make-up. So the other night, when Alice had finally fallen to sleep, I spent the evening looking back at my blog, and updating my Pinterest with all the cute photos!

Now excuse me, I have left a packet of biscuits on the floor and Alice is already half way through... doh!



  1. Love your work Emma. Its sooo hard being a mummy. You are amazing to keep so positive in your blog 99% of the time. Teething is the worst, and the first 2 years of motherhood is a blur for baby and you. Its great that mums everywhere have developed the ability the forget this time once the baby turns two, and then manage to get the hormonal cravings to have another one again. Or at least thats what happened to me. Sleep will come later :)

  2. Teething really does sick, hope you both get a little break from it soon! Xo

  3. Know exactly how you feel, it's awful at times! It's true that you forget all this though. My son is 20 months and no more teething yay! He's been sleeping through for a few months now without any issues and I'm pregnant with no 2! Think I might be a glutton for punishment!: )

  4. Aww, ((HUGS)) to you! Sleep deprivation is SO difficult to deal with. Don't beat yourself up too badly, we all have those moments. :-) I hope things get easier soon!

  5. There is NOTHING wrong with a cheese sandwich! Molly's always had adult food. Have you tried putting her to bed at 9/9.30, give her a little more dinner then usual then top up with real rolled oats porridge (baby stuff is rubbish and full of sugar) around 8ish for a few nights? Then after a week of that (write it on a calender sleep deprivation makes a day feel like a month!) slowly each night put her down to sleep 10 minutes earlier until 7/7.30 then you get your evenings back :)

    And remember.. shes up at four because she REALLY loves playing with her special mummy ;)

    Hang in there, make Dave let you take a looooong shower. Hair in a topknot, glasses on and two second coat of lipstick and feel like the gorgeous momma you are- we're all routing for you xxxxxxxx

  6. I love that you are honest. I hate reading mommy blogs where it's all sunshine and happiness, because let's be real, there are tough times. I just recently posted on my current struggles with my almost 2 year old. It's hard but the reward is SO great.

    I am sorry Alice is teething. It's really the worst. Hang in there! It will be over soon!

    Thanks again for being real.

  7. Ah, I literally couldn't identify more. I can trump you on the running out of food...I ran out of nappies, for my 5 month old...who does that?! Good job we have a shed load of muslin's which I quickly wrapped round him whilst traipsing two kids to Asda and praying a poo explosion wouldn't occur! Try & take the bad days easy, sit in front of CBeebies for an hour while you wake up with a coffee, it won't do any harm. You're doing a great job, being a mum is hard!x


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