This time last year...

Saturday, February 09, 2013

This time last year I was heavily pregnant with Alice! 37 weeks. I was absolutely convinced she would be born early and had my hospital bag packed and waiting by the front door for weeks! Time went SO slowly. Although February was one day longer than usual last year, it had never moved so slowly in my entire existence. I couldn't wait to meet her and was really excited to give birth (believe it or not!). I did everything I could to bring on labour. Yes... everything. Eventually she appeared on the 29th. A leap year baby! Amazing, if not a little confusing as to when we actually celebrate her birthday this year... haha!

Now that she is here, I can't believe that she was never not... if that makes sense? I feel like she has always been here, she just hadn't been born yet. And unlike last February, this year has just flown by! She have gone from being a little tiny baby sleeping on my all day long, to a noisy, mobile toddler who won't sleep at all! It has really all gone far too quickly for my liking. I wish time would slow down a little so I could capture every single moment. Every smile, every giggle, every milestone.

This year has definitely not been easy. There have been a lot of tears (me and Alice!), a lot of sleepless nights and a lot of silly arguments between Dave and I. It's true that a baby changes your entire life, your relationship and... well everything. And to be totally honest, I don't think I was ready. I mean, no one really is, but I really wasn't! I didn't think too much about how I would cope with a baby, how my life would change, whether Dave and I would survive? I just kind of... did it and didn't worry about anything. Looking back, I can see I was being naive. But with the brilliant support from my family and friends as well as Dave, I feel I have really risen to the challenge. And I have definitely grown up a LOT in the past year.

Having Alice has made me a less selfish, happier and more fulfilled person.

Alice, I love you! (But please don't grow up too quickly!)



  1. Aww a leap year baby, i want a leap year wedding but then how would i have an anniversary..hmmm! She's adorable, its amazing how time flies

  2. It's crazy how fast it goes, but it really does fe like they've always been here! What did we DO before them?! Xo

  3. I absolutely love your blog...i am a 'young' 31 year old mum of 2 (my youngest was born last month) but i can totally relate to your feelings of becoming a mum and the changes to your life that can bring which goes to show that even at the ripe old age of 31 you may still not feel fully ready...i dont think anything can prepare you for motherhood. xx


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