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Friday, February 08, 2013

MAD Blog Awards
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Just over a year ago, I started this little blog called "My pretty Mummy". I had no followers, no comments and no twitter followers! I didn't even know how to change the layout! Skip forward a year, and it has become one of my proudest achievements! I have met amazing friends who are always up for a chat about babies or advice with teething. I have wonderful comments on my posts form actual people who actually read them! (I mean... wow!). And I have been given some fantastic opportunities!

I love blogging. It is such a lovely way of sharing my experiences of being a new mummy and a great excuse to take photos every day! It has helped me come to terms with my traumatic birth as well as gotten me through some tough times. I have found it to be a great way to capture and remember all the good moments being a mummy can bring and to not dwell on those bad nights (tooooo much anyway... :S). 

Every time I receive a comment or an email from someone telling me how much they enjoy my blog, it makes my day! I mean, it really does! So although I am going to end this post by saying "vote for me! vote for me!", it is just an excuse to really thank all the people who follow, support and comment on my blog. 

Thank you. 

So much. 

Emma and Alice xxxx


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