Alice's First Birthday Cake

Monday, March 04, 2013

New toys! The stacking blocks and little piggy!

Getting stuck into her cake!

Yes, it was home made. Yes, it looked a bit funny. But you know what, I was determined that Alice's first birthday cake would be something special, made by her mummy with love. And even though she had already eaten 100 fish fingers so wasn't hungry, she still had lots of fun de-constructing her birthday cake with her little hands. i have to say, I was one proud mummy on Friday!
Party pictures coming soon!



  1. Love the stacking blocks :) Great pictures.

  2. gorgeous!! I have a son who will turn one in april, whirlwind of year hey! in my opinion you can't beat a homemade cake, it looks yummy. lovely blog!


  3. Her cake is beautiful! Happy (belated) birthday, Alice! :-)

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