Lazy Days

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

So after the bug, the bug recovery and then a random attack of teething, we are all feeling a little sleep deprived. It's not easy being up nearly all night, every night for a week with a sick/ teething child. Now that Alice has settled down a bit and is sleeping better, I suddenly feel absolutely exhausted! I think I was just running on "mummy adrenaline". By the third night I was like, "Who needs sleep? I feel fine!" Now it's a different story. 

All of her naps are ruined as well. She wont go down for her afternoon nap any more, which means she has to go to bed at half 6 instead of half 7 and is up at half 5 in the morning! But these things can be fixed and we will get back in the swing of things soon enough I'm sure. As you can see from the pictures, Alice is currently teething but this tends to be in the day more than at night (thank you God!) so it's much easier to comfort her and distract her with toys and things than at night when you are all too tired to think straight! 



  1. Poor wee girly isn't catching a break is she? Teeth are evil! I hope you get back into the swing of things soon! Xo

  2. Hang in there, it will pass! I am so glad we are well and truly past the staying up all night stage, though teenagers do keep one up later than one would like. Sigh.


  3. We've been fine with teething so far, but this one beens a pain..first sore bum etc :( The routine will come back soon dont worry :) bless her little rosy cheeks .We're doing the same today..pj day!


  4. What beautiful shots of your little one. I hate teething it's just awful but really pleased it doesn't seem to upset yours in the night like it has with both of mine :( I can't help but love their rosie cheeks though! x

  5. We've had a bad cold and a lot of teething around these parts and it's pretty exhausting! Can't wait for the full set of teeth to be in!

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