Friday, March 15, 2013

Literally the second Alice turned 1 I have been itching to start some arts and crafts with her. I say 1 because all the age limits on the paints and crayons start from 12 months! I couldn't wait to start hanging up some pictures and watching Alice become creative. So the other day I laid out an oil cloth table cloth, put down some paper and let Alice go mad with washable felt tips and finger paint!

I found myself having to constantly move things away from her mouth as she attempted to eat it all! But after a few attempts we managed to get some colour on the paper. I literally could not have been prouder of her. It was such a great activity and held her attention for about 20 minutes (good for a 1 year old!). Though in hindsight, I think I was being a little hopeful with the paintbrush. Hands are better! Hehe!



  1. I bought a yard of oilcloth material the other day on eBay so we could start to get our arts and crafts on too! Such a nightmare trying to keep the crayons out of their mouths though!! Xo

  2. Oh i'm so looking forward to this stage! I tried to give amelie a crayon at playgroup and she tried to eat it. Not ready yet then ;)

  3. Olivia has just started playing with crayons and paper - she gets hold of the white crayon though and wonders why she cant see anything on the paper :-D xx

  4. I love watching my son draw and paint -- the art nerd in me is jumping up and down and high-fiving (all in my head, of course) whenever we break out the supplies. I have giant stacks of his "art" because I cant bear to throw 95% of them away.


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