Ikea Drawers

Saturday, April 20, 2013

I think I promised a tour of Alice's new nursery months ago! Well the truth is, it is far from finished. Alice spends most of her time downstairs, which is also where most of her toys are. So I worked on the downstairs first! Her bedroom is definitely coming along but there is still so much to do...

I bought these drawers from Ikea. They are plenty big enough for her clothes, cot sheets and bedding. I painted them bumble bee yellow and have been searching for pretty handles to complete it. The ones on it at the moment are from Urban Outfitters which I found in the sale months ago. I am still searching for the rest! However, this piece of furniture is fast becoming my favourite thing in this house!

Hopefully it will be finished soon!



  1. I know why you mean; Aidens room is a bit bare because we always play in the living room! Those drawers are lovely, I quite like the missing handles, it adds a bit of a fun quirk to it! Xo


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