My Working Space

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I know it's not much, but I think everyone who "works" from home (ok, blogging isn't my job, but it's the closest one I have!) needs a space they can relax in. I love this space. The beautiful panel wall gives a real cottage style and I hung lots of lovely pictures of Alice to inspire me and make me smile! A plant is a must and our one is from Ikea, as is the bright yellow pot. The table is right next to the window, so I can get lots of natural light. Oh and the best part? Alice's toys are just to the left of the pictures so she can happily play away and let me blog! Hehe!



  1. You have a gorgeous home Em. Really inspires me to chase our builder for a quote so we can get started on making ours as lovely as yours! LOVE the lampshade by the way. And the table runner. xxx

  2. Your home looks lovely. I love how you have so many photos up. This makes me want to get more of my photos printed and framed :) xo


  3. That looks like a lovely space to work from, so bright! I love all the pictures on the wall - I really need to go get frames so I can hang some pictures too! Xo


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