Pre-Wedding Skin Care Routine

So I keep on meaning to start a good, solid but simple skin care routine, but I lack motivation. With my wedding three months away, I thought now might be a good time to start one... properly! A good skin care routine can, of course, do wonders for your skin and will also help create an even make-up application for the big day!

With so much to pay out for, buying expensive brands was out of the question. However, I am a firm believer in high street products and know they will work just as well (they have to!). So this is my skin care routine at the moment. I use Nivea visage's eye make up remover. It is extra gentle on the eye area, where I know the skin is very delicate! Then I use Neutrogena's visibly clear oil-free facial wash which works great for my oily skin and leaves it feeling refreshed and clear. This is followed by Johnson's refreshing gel wash, which works as a big of an exfoliator thanks to the little beads inside! I find this is really good at re-vitalising my skin and getting rid of any blemishes. Finally I apply the Lacura Q10 Renew day cream (Available from Aldi), which is also anti-wrinkle! I find that after scrubbing my face with the face washes my skin can seem a little dry, and this moisturiser works really well to combat that. It works especially well around the nose area, where my skin tends to be the driest.

I find that using these products are really helping to keep my skin blemish free and I feel a lot fresher for using them!

What are your essential skin care products?


  1. Love reading about everyone's different skincare routines! I just got a Clarisonic, so I'm hoping that will work for me! Found your blog through the blog hop - would love a follow back!
    - Heather

  2. my skin went CRAZY after the birth of caleb which landed me with appointments with a dermatologist (which i thanked my lucky stars for!) now my skin routine is super simple, i wash my face with dermol 500 (great for eczema)and it sounds mad but i swear by oils as moisturisers, joboba oil in the day, rosehip (amazing for scarring!)oil of a night. my skin is never going be perfect but it's the best it's been in ages.
    ooh that's so exciting about your upcoming wedding! looking forward to those posts!!

  3. Nice blog post. Proper skin care is very important because skin is the only thing inside of which we live forever. I don't use market products as such. But only few which I trust.

    Best Regards,
    Alison Clarke
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  4. Really awesome products for the wedding skincare. i have one of my friend will have the wedding in next month. Would like to recommend the same for her.

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