She ran away...

Friday, April 26, 2013

Ok... this is not working. I have NOT adjusted properly to the fact that this little monkey is now a walking, running, fearless little toddler! It is so hard to get my head around, especially because it was only last week that she really started properly walking everywhere. Since then we have had a major shock and reality check!

The first reality check came when we took her to the park at the weekend. And she ran off! Literally! She has no fear this girl. I was convinced she would come back if she got too far away from us. But she didn't. She just kept going! She tried to grab another little boy's football, eat another families food and play with a ladies bag. And as funny as it was, it was definitely stressful. The second incident happened at Primark this week. I met up with a good friend and her little baby and we had a wonder around the shops. When we got into Primark, Alice was getting fussy so I thought "why not let her have a little walk about". BIG MISTAKE. She was gone in seconds. I felt like the worst mother, totally out of my depth as she ran away from me in the store, picking up hangers and other sharp objects from the floor.

I love that fact that she can run about now and do so much more than when she was just crawling. But it is taking some adjusting. I need to figure this thing out or else I will never be able to go out in public with Alice on my own again!



  1. I hear you completely. For a few months you are limited to what you can do without little ones getting into trouble. I find indoor playgrounds really good as they are usually fenced in, and pretty safe. I don't like the cost of the indoor play cafes so we use ones that are that are attached to church cafes and are therefore free to use (I'm not religious).

  2. Have you got reins for Alice? My sister found the coolest range by LittleLife. I just had a scroll through amazon and there are lots of options - Aidens has a wee backpack with a shark fin on it so I can pop a wee snack inside. He loves having the freedom to walk, and it's reassuring for me that he can't run away! Ours live in the basket under the buggy so they are always with us and we have the option xo

  3. I recommend reins! Not that I've had any experience with them apart from when I was a toddler myself but they give the baby some freedom but you they can't run off :) xx

  4. Sounds familiar! Primark is the worst shop for me to let Olivia roam free as it gets so busy and there is always so much junk on the floor! ...also, we used reins for a while but she soon got the notion that she couldnt go anywhere SHE wanted and i think they made her worse because then she would just fall to the floor deliberately which resulted in her ending up back in the pushchair!! :-/ we do the opposite & only let Olivia out the pushchair when she has been good (ie. Not whinged or moaned cos she wants this or that or something else) ...its nice to see them getting about but a slight pain when shopping lol :) x


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