Sunday Brunch

Monday, April 29, 2013

So this whole brunch thingy that we are trying to stick to every week so that we can actually have a meal together without being interrupted by Alice, has taught me something. I am not a very good cook! And seeing as I'm about to get married (3 months!) I think I should perhaps start to improve my cooking skills. This brunch is a prime example. We wanted to make eggs Benedict, but I have no idea how to poach an egg. I tried, believe me I tried. I let the water almost boil, put in a swig of vinegar and dropped my egg in gently. It did not work. So we ended up with a bagel, slice of bacon, fried egg and dollop of hollandaise sauce. It was really nice! But it has made me determined to practise my basic cooking skills a bit for next time!



  1. I can cook, but eggs stump me. I don't eat them, so never had a reason to cook them before Gary and I got together! Even now, he sorts his own eggs out ;) haha - they are TRICKY! Xo

  2. Hi Emma - best way to poach an egg is to break it into a ramekin or cup first, then swirl the boiling water vigorously before dropping it in! I use to be the worse person ever at cooking until I met my partner, who is a chef! I use to end up calling him at word super stressed because I couldn't boil an egg and begging for his help! x

  3. Poached eggs are hard! I don't know how to make those either. I stick to scrambled, fried, and hard boiled eggs. Kudos to you for trying! I'm sure if you practice a few different techniques you will soon master the skill.

    Good luck! And congrats on the upcoming wedding!


  4. I really recommend a silicone egg poacher:
    They are so easy to use and you never waste any egg in the water like you do with just the vinegar/water approach!

    Kara x


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