We have a walking toddler!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Alice took her first independent steps when she was about 9 months old. Since then she has lacked the confidence to get up and just... walk! She sort of toddled a few steps now and again, often throwing herself at something soft to stop herself. She would walk holding our hands, which I think did help her confidence a lot. However,  it wasn't until last week that she decided enough was enough, I am going to walk now! And she just did.

She stood up in the middle of the room without holding onto anything and she just did it! Walked. As if she had been doing it her entire life. Since then she has been walking about constantly and wont sit still for a minute. It is amazing. She is like a little girl! I can not believe my little baby has gone forever. But I am very happy to have such a happy, lively little girl in her place! 

Pictures by Alexa Loy



  1. Lovely photos! Well done Alice! Xo

  2. Aww this is adorable! Congratulations to you and Alice! Haven't checked out your blog for ages and I've really missed hearing about Alice and how she's getting on! I've missed cooing over her adorable outfits too!! I'm sure I'll get hooked easily again! XxxX http://thesecondhandrose.blogspot.co.uk

  3. So cute! It is such a fun stage when they start walking!

  4. well done alice!!! clever girl. caleb just wants to be walking (with our help) all the time now, it must be amazing the first time you see them do it independently. thanks for stopping our blog, really pleased to have found yours :)

  5. Aww yay for Alice, there'll be no stopping her now


  6. I've loved following Alice's progress from your pregnancy right through until taking her first steps! Such a cute family! Well done Alice! xx

  7. Lovely, can really see the pride in your smile!

    If you don't mind me asking, where is your coat from? I really like it.




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