Weekend Brunch

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

These days, Dave and I find that we are just not getting any time to sit down and eat together. If it's not Dave working late, it's Alice needing us all evening to help settle her back to sleep ( MORE teeth...). So we decided to sit down every weekend together for one meal. Dinner is a no go, Breakfast is a rushed affair at about 6am and lunch is spent with one of us trying to feed Alice while the other one eats as fast as they can so we can swap! So we have started having a brunch together. As afternoon naps are a little hit and miss for Alice, the morning nap is perfect for us to have some time together. We settle Alice down at 9.45am and make ourselves a nice, big meal. And we don't let rules get in the way! Sausages, salad, fruit... so long as it's nice we will eat it! Alice usually sleeps from 9.45 to about 11am so it gives us a nice big chunk of time!

Yummy! xx


  1. Ooh yummy! Same situation for us...Olivia often takes a while to settle for the evening so we have to either rush both our dinners down if we want to eat together or else one of us ends up eating dinner alone :(
    This is a brilliant idea though :) x


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