Birds and Pleats

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I was rooting about in my wardrobe the other day and came across this gorgeous Primark skirt. This is a re-posted post from about a year ago, but these pictures were taken after Alice was born. And the skirt fitted me perfectly. I tried it on yesterday and I can barely get it over my hips, let alone zip it up! I can not believe that I lost all that baby weight within weeks to get back to a size 8, only to put it on again a year later! Ok, so I'm not a size 20 and I am generally fairly happy with my weight, but knowing I was smaller after giving birth than I am now is a bit of a knock! 

And before you ask, no. I am not planning on going on any kind of diet, I like food too much! And I eat fairly healthily anyway, and exercise too! I think this skirt must have shrunk in the wash... right? 



  1. I think you look just as slim now as you did then! I think a lot of it is down to changing shape and not weight gain necessarily. As you get older your shape changes (especially women). You're probably slightly more curvy around the hip area now which has added ever-so-slightly higher measurements for your sizing. Don't lose any weight for your wedding you look fab the size you are!x

  2. I absolutely love this skirt on you!

  3. Once your baby starts enjoying real food; I always found that was the time I was more likely to gain weight. Because I would make more so that my children could enjoy meals. But they would never eat all of theirs and so somebody had to, and that somebody was me.

  4. I wouldn't judge anything based on a primark garment; they are so bad for shrinking! Xo


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