Flavoured Ice Cubes

Friday, May 31, 2013

These were great fun to make and so simple. I used mint leaves, strawberries, lemon and lime. For the lemon and lime cubes I squeezed some lemon into the water too!
These lovely flavoured ice cubes go great in lemonade, cocktails or even to just add some interest to water. I actually used some of the strawberry and lemon and lime ones in a glass of apple juice the other day and it was surprisingly amazing! Super quick to make, and really delicious too.



  1. Great idea!! :) I will definitely be giving this a go in the summer. x

  2. Such a great idea for in the summer. Another cute tip is putting frozen grapes in wine, it doesn't dilute the wine like normal ice cubes. I've loving all your posts lately, and there's always something cute to check out everyday!


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